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Tiny Homes might be the Solution to Homelessness, Eden Village in Springfield is creating a footprint of success…..

Eden Village, a program of The Gathering Tree is a 501(c)(3) that has created a proven concept by building relationships and tiny home communities for homeless individuals who have a disability. Eden Village provides dignified housing and loving supportive communities of hospitality to a cities chronically disabled homeless population to meet the individual’s most fundamental needs.

Eden Village was the first of-its-kind tiny home community that made its debut in Springfield, MO (headquarters) in August of 2018. The first community has proven the model and has lifted disabled and formerly homeless individuals off the streets and into a home within a gated community, supported by on-site support services including, but not limited to a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, psychiatric case managers, Qualified Mental Health Providers and a community center where the residents can both work and interact with other residents, guests and volunteers.

In Springfield, MO where Eden Village is headquartered and found its inception, we are a community that takes care of one another. Though efforts to take care of our cities homeless where not ignored, there was not an all-inclusive program that addressed the needs of the chronically disabled homeless. It is Eden Village’s mission to correct that, and not just in Springfield, MO, but across the country and maybe the world.

A home is a basic necessity, essential to a human’s well-being and only once this is met, can the person address their needs. Loss of family, home and community is catastrophic to mankind and often sends people down a path they are unable to get out of by themselves. We’ve found the key to helping the chronically homeless is by providing food, shelter and community. With these three basic needs being met, they can begin to rebuild.

Eden Village does not want to simply provide ‘adequate housing’ for the chronically disabled homeless. We want to create and nurture a sense of community; not only for those who live at Eden Village, but have a welcoming attitude city wide that the whole community can grow and be involved in.

https://edenvillageusa.org/How? For a sustainable community to exist; a group of individuals, both residents and volunteers, are needed to put forth exceptional service and attention to the chronically disables’ needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing alternatives. We, along with those who volunteer and donate, have created a successful model to do just that. Interested in learning more? Click here.


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