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Skater Powerboats Owner Peter Hledin talks about past and future on the dock

Founded and led by Peter Hledin in 1978, Skater prides itself on being at the leading edge of technology. The Skater, Michigan-based company that covers 95,000 square feet was the first to perfect the use of vacuum-bagging technology, S-glass, kevlar, carbon fiber, epoxy resins and other construction techniques in the high performance industry and we use those construction techniques on every boat we build.

In process right now is an “Extreme Skater”. As usual, this is an original design for the “Ultimate Cat”, a running length of 54’8” would make this hull the largest yet produced. The goal of this vessel is to achieve unsurpassed performance with 2 or 4 engines and a fuel range in excess of 500 miles while transporting 8-10 people across the most challenging seas. The 548 has the same unique hull design as the 438 which has proven itself to be the most efficient, load carrying cat of all time running up to 180mph with a full load of fuel and passengers with the Mercury 1350’s. Quite an achievement.

Skater does not build ‘off-the-line’ boats. From the interior to the paint to the power package and everything in between, every catamaran is fully customizable to meet each client’s needs. From subtle to spectacular in design but always stunning in performance, Skater excels above the rest.


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