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After reading alot of debates about the murder-protest-riot,and seeing people line up on separate sides of the issue, it gave me an idea.

How about we make a website and facebook page which tries to dosomething positive, that doesnt involve property damage or turning a blind eye, that doesnt force one to choose between the property rights of local business and the individual rights of the oppressed.

In my opinion, the root of the problem is the cops getting out of control. There are serveral contributing factors, racism, short man syndrome (the cops said twice ‘hes a tough guy he resisted’),the thin blue line where they treat each other as above the law, and the lack of action from society in general.

Sometimes it seems to me that this lack of action is a deliberate philosophy, one which believes ‘ If I pay my taxes, stay employed, obey the laws, then I am entitled to not give a damn about other people and whether they have problems with injustice, homelessness, etc. They want to fall back on the ‘upward mobility’ theory, saying everyone has the same chance at success, which isnt true.

I think its a belief in captitalism as a religion, having FAITH that capitalism is an ideal system with some kind of built in gyroscope which keeps everything going right, assuming nobody makes laws which interfere with it. I think it is an arbitrary system which should be within our control to modify the rules of, when necessary. I thought that the rules were supposed to create a level playing field, with a legal framework of justice and fairness and ethics balancing the pure selfish nature of competing for money.

I think we should start a movement and a website and a facebook page, which would embrace and expand on some common sense oversight for cops to try and solve this problem. The intent would be to gather together people who want to get something done rather than rehashing same old arguments on facebook while the status quo continues. The actual mission statement would need to be refined by the whole group. We would start with what we all can agree on:

1) we want to stop these murders and oppression of the police
2) we want to stop the riots and property damage
3) we want to use the internet to do it,
(not drive to MN and throw rocks)
4) we want to feel positive about it and avoid the aggravation of
arguing with idiots
5) we want a long term real solution which makes real sense

My main theory on how to do this, is to organize into a large group, have a set of goals of the group (like above), and then use that strength in numbers to affect change through capitalist methods, such as petitioning businesses (in the worst areas to start) to join a campaign to fix the police problem.

We would get build a group of faceboook members. We would allow anyone to join the group immmediately for free. Their responsibility as a member would be to contribute to discussions and planning, and to spread the word by dropping a link with a description of our effort, into each facebook thread on the topic, tagging all the fb membmers who had posted in the thread, inviting them into the group.

We then make an effort to contact businesses in the area who may not be on facebook, and try to get them join the group. If we get enough businesses to join, then they threaten to refuse service to police, maybe even the families of the police, until some terms are met.

My initial ideas for terms:

1) submission of police to independent citizen boards, ACLU,
amnesty international, wahtever. Police should not be
policing themselves. We should never hear ‘we have investigated
ourselves and cleared oureslves of any wrongdoing’.
a) every fatality is investigated.
b) every citizen complaint is investigated.
c) police agree to modify their policies based on public demands.
d) police agree to arrest and prosecute officers when
told to by the independent group.
e) police submit to ther demands, such as increased training,
blacklisting problem officers, requiring them to find other
careers, etc.
f) collect data when asked, no more ‘well, the police arent really
interested in tracking the number of police murders, go figure’.
‘well, there isnt really a central database where copshops can
look up histories of problem officers, funny thing that’
2) ?

If we can gather a grassroots movement of people and businesses, then we go after the news and celebrities. We try to get everyone willing to take a side for justice to sign on and endorse the project in their media converage. TYT, Ralph Nader, Bernie, EW, AOC, not sure if I can name EW as a progressive, but even celebrities who arent progressives, we should all be able to agree this current system sucks and needs to change. We try to build to the point where its unlikely that a murder-riot discussion can take place on facebook or twitter without one of us posting an invite to come join the common sense movement.

And, maybe we go after the media and their advertisers. Maybe we set some demands on them, like fact checking, and if they dont do it, they wind up on a list where we boycott them and their advertisers. Remember the advertisers leaving Rush Limbaugh?

The technical part os starting is easy, I can help and Im sure plenty of other technical people will volunteer as well. The question is whether people are willing to get off their butt and join the group. It should be able to appeal to everyone except those who think the police need to keep their boot on the neck of the minorities.

In order to stay positive and keep members, I think it should be kept as non political as possible, so that people who are pro trump and still pro justice have a chance to help without being ostracized.

We should start by coalescing what we agree on. What should be common sense.

We may need limited discussion areas, like ‘to join this discussion, you agree that you want to reform the police system’, whatever minimum positions are required to have a productive discussion amoung likeminded people.

Id also like to see a ‘refined argument area’ in other words, instead of a never ending series of similar repeating debates, have it all arranged in an outline,so that people can argue sub-topics if they want, but it wont distract from the super-topiconce enough people have voted that ‘we’ve sorted out this question, at least 50 people agree that the correct answer has been arrived at on this, most likely any further argument on this is likely to be a minority of idiots and they can go talk about that over in this other area so it doesnt sabotage the whole’.

The main idea is to get the businesses to recognize that the cops are the beginning of this problem, and get them to exert pressure on the cops to change, and get back to providing a safe business climate.