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A visitor to Pacific will find a charming Route 66 community nestled in a beautiful setting where the Meramec River winds its way through the eastern Ozark Foothills. Pacific is considered by many to be the “Gateway to the Ozarks” and has a rich railroad and Civil War history dating back to 1852. Blackburn Park in Pacific is home to a Civil War memorial that features a life size replica cannon and descriptive plaques describing the events that occurred here in greater detail.

Additionally, Blackburn Park cannon small Jensen Point is Pacific’s newest old park. Originally ordered to be built in 1938 as part of President Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps program, Jensen Point marks the eastern most point the Confederates reached in their goal to capture the armory in St. Louis. 100 stone steps lead up to a breathtaking view of the Ozark Foothills where you’ll find the monument displaying the tremendous craftsmanship of the CCC. This beautiful park is now open to the public everyday and is located just west of the historic Route 66 Red Cedar Inn that the city has recently acquired and is making plans to renovate into a visitor center, museum and gift shop.

Great things are in store for our community as we have also begun working to revitalize our downtown business district through the Missouri Main Street program. From a business perspective, Pacific has adopted a spirit of partnership and support for our local businesses to help them achieve greater success. Our proximity to Interstate 44, Route 66 and rail service uniquely positions us to serve industry as more businesses look to locate in our welcoming surroundings.

Pacific is home to 169 acres of parkland and with the beautiful Meramec River borJensen Point Park with mumsdering much of our city limits in St. Louis County, Great Rivers Greenway has recently acquired 42 acres of property that is destined to become a first-class public access riverfront park that will someday serve as a trailhead to a 500-mile recreational trail across the entire state of Missouri.


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