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Symphonic Sounds meet Riveting Images as Austin Woods shoots Alaska’s newest Hunting Star Caleb Stillians….. a Spiritual Journey with a soundtrack you’ll want to download.

As Covid-19 had the world shut indoors there were some that turned the wild into their playground. Rise Up with Calb Stillians; is an evangelic approach to a hunting show. Not only are you taking a ride into some of the most beauty landscapes of Alaska, Austin Woods captures and cuts a episodic show that paints Caleb Stillans as a must to Hire Guide Service as they hunt several Big Game animals throughout the episodes.

Without giving to much away in the first episode your introduced to Caleb Stillians, a young and bold hunter living his dream since he was 11 years old, a story he tells about hunting a deer for the first time by himself. Within the first dialogue of the episode Caleb introduces the audience to a deep reality and passion of hunting, possibly eluding to the silence within the wild. The show is a epic tale displayed nicely with the cinematography of Austin Woods not his first example of talented story telling. Woods dived straight into the wild following Stillans throughout epic hunting stories that only the wild at heart would train to experience. While the wild doesn’t sleep the action is not only impactful but followed up deep physiological lessons that Caleb tries to instill within the episode. It’s a refreshing journey in a short 30 mins episodic show, pushing the ideas that have keep the copy and paste hunting shows grounded to there current audiences. If Rise Up can start to find an audience online I think it won’t belong before they shake the industry up with there epic visuals and wild adventures. Check out there latest episodes on there youtube pages.

Caleb enters the valley of grizzlies in remote western Alaska with the goal to find the king of the mountain for JD. Braving the winds and rain, they hunker down and explore the beauty and struggles of wild Alaskan hunting.

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